Time flies

It seemed like only yesterday when we were altogether again – me, George, Little Tyke and Mummy.IMG_5346And Mini Tyke was scared of us – for maybe two minutes.IMG_5372Did not take her long before she was chasing us in the parkIMG_6166And we were chasing her back!IMG_6165She was no longer afraid of us.IMG_6160But they are leaving today so no more chasing!IMG_5387No more walks with Little TykeIMG_5403 No more tummy rubs for GeorgeIMG_6034No more stealing food from Little TykeIMG_5373No more tortures from Mini TykeIMG_6159Nor Little Tyke for that matter!IMG_5405We will miss the time we’ve spent together.IMG_6059Good bye, good bye! The next time you’re back, Mini Tyke will be three (please leave your Terrible Twos behind!) and we will be celebrating Little Tyke’s birthday together – he’ll be six!!!  Time flies in all aspects!

May’s comment: My heart breaks a little every time I say goodbye to them.  It is with so much anticipation each time before they come to London. Then it is a flurry of activities.IMG_6219And before you know it, they’re leaving to go back to their other life. And I shall miss having them around.

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  1. Monica Gale

    Aww May, goodbyes are never easy, hold onto to the fab memories <3

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