Olly came to supper

Olly and his mummy are our Facebook friends. We finally met in real life on Sunday when they came to visit.IMG_6251 We went to supper at one of our local hangouts and super dog-friendly, Henry Root.IMG_6233Monica had lots of treats for us! IMG_6235While Olly made himself comfortable at the restaurant.IMG_6249Little Tyke met Olly too and he asked – Is this big Darcy?IMG_6263May’s comment:  Didn’t realise how petite Darcy is in comparison. It always surprises me that she is so much smaller – but she’s definitely not the smallest. I suppose boys tend to be bigger as well.

I met Monica through the various cockapoo Facebook pages and communicated for months – simply because of our poos. We had made Olly one of our coats which further connected us. And now we have met in person.

Amazing how through Facebook we have made so many friends – and then even better when they materialise in the real world!


  1. Monica Gale

    Lovely pictures May :), we loved meeting up <3

  2. Jill Keiser

    Love to see you meet up with your Facebook and blog friends! Maybe that will happen with us someday, too! Jill and Gina

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