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Walking off the Christmas Pudding!

We’re running towards the Serpentine Gallery for our last 2015 Hyde Park Doodles Meet!IMG_9096 But no one was there – so maybe we’ll go squirrelling for a whileIMG_9098 Mummy said – not a good idea, poochies! So we hung around waiting for the others to come …IMG_9099And they did! All 14 of us! Our group photo –IMG_9180Left to right – Alfie, Miuccia, Bobby, Rusty, Darcy, George, Rupert (cavapoo-bichon), Spencer, Lucca, Dudley, Monty (Goldendoodle). And Bubbles (shih-tzu) running away from the group!  Missing from photo – Merlin and Tiger

We had two new friends today – Rupert, a cavapoo-bichon frise (in navy jumper) IMG_9191and Monty, the golden doodle that we met last week!  IMG_9153And Miuccia got to play with her half-brother Merlin IMG_6960 Awww! Isn’t that sweet!IMG_6984While Rusty’s taken a liking to little Bubbles (shih-tzu) – he probably thinks it’s a Poppy (his girlfriend) lookalike!IMG_9249 Then along came Tiger …IMG_9244Tiger came to our last meet and we hope she will continue to come to ours for a long time yet – IMG_9218As long as she’s able to we would be so happy to see her.
IMG_9217An impromptu mini-group photo for Tiger –IMG_9202Left to right: Bobby, Bubbles, Rusty, Monty, Tiger, George, Darcy and Alfie

There were others who were curious about us –IMG_9224A Pomeranian who also has meets in the park was mistaken and thought she was there for her meet – but Bubbles, the shih-tzu went to her and said – hey you! You’re my size.

But we didn’t really like this poor bull-dog.  He got chased away.IMG_9169And along came this giant of a dog … and it was the smallest of us who went to check him out – George and Bubbles!IMG_9196 The Great Dane was desperately wanting to play with us but George was being bossy boots and told him offIMG_9215 Then all the others started to create quite a raucous – but not me!IMG_9211 I was very curious about him and maybe because I know better that if he chose to, he could probably chomp up George in one gulp. But he wouldn’t – he was a gentle giant and I rather liked him.IMG_9212But his owner thought he had enough abuse and led him away – with difficulty.IMG_9213Goodbye O great one! (Mummy said – beautiful dog!)

I had a contemplative moment – IMG_9233 IMG_9232 IMG_9231 IMG_9225 But Mummy knew better – she came over and told me – “Don’t even think about it!” IMG_9223She knew I was on the lookout for squirrels and would make a dash for it if I saw one!  And she was having none of it. 🙁

This is our last meet of the year.  The next time we meet we will be way into 2016 – our fourth year of Hyde Park Meets!  We’ve met so many new friends and our once Cockapoo meet is now a doodles meet pour all sorts of others! LOL!

May’s comment: Given the not so nice weather plus in between holidays, we had a pretty good turnout of about 14 doodles. We look forward to seeing all of you again in the new year.  The next meet will be 31st January – the last Sunday.

Till then – HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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