The singing Italian!

Tory (the one hiding behind George) whom we visited in Carpentras in April came to stay with us before Christmas.  Together with Janet they had a little ex-De Beers “reunion” – they were all colleagues many years ago. IMG_7848As Tory lives in French wine country, well, I guess the focus there is not Italian. So her request was to have a good Italian meal while in London – with us!  Oh yes, dog-friendly Italian, we know a few of them.  But only recently, Mummy had learnt that the Italian restaurant down the road from us, Frantoio is dog-friendly. So of course we had to go and try it. IMG_7917Upon entering we were greeted by the owner, Bucci who would break into song at every opportune! IMG_8766He also made a lot of jokes. He asked what were our names. He heard Darcy and he assumed George was Bussell.

You can tell he’s a Chelsea FC fan. We were curious who’s that ape sitting there greeting all who entered.IMG_7918Bucci said – that ape is Jose Mourinho! LOL!!!!!

We were also introduced to two kids who became absolutely besotted with George – yawn! What’s new?IMG_7920 Look at that veal milanese!!!!IMG_7922 May’s comment: A local Italian which I have never thought about going to … but alas, I found out they are dog-friendly!!!! And yet another option!IMG_7917 Frantoio is at 397 King’s Rd, London SW10 0LRIMG_7919Thank you Tory for a delicious dinner. Good idea about going Italian!

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