Tiptoe through the tulips

We went to Marley’s house yesterday for our grooming party. Three of us in the back – George, Jaffa and me

IMG_7163And Charlie sitting in the front looking out the window.IMG_7164The best part of going to groom at Marley’s is running in the garden IMG_7175 – playing hide-n-seek amongst the flower beds – before getting spruced up. IMG_7167Charlie and I – we looked like a cockapoo with two heads!
IMG_7172I was teasing George while Charlie was barking his head off!
IMG_7171C’mon George, let’s run!IMG_7182We’re going in one direction while Charlie runs the other wayIMG_7170 The sun came out for awhile but all too soon, the rain came … IMG_7216and Mummy was calling us all in.IMG_7214Charlie!!!! Come inside!IMG_7218We got in just in time – before it was raining hail!

So not much to do lie around while we waited for our turn to be groomed.IMG_7209Thankfully the floors were warmIMG_7210Taking a snooze before my turn – hmmm, didn’t realise how “grey” I had become IMG_7211And George looked out at the skies that kept changing every few minutes
IMG_7212Oh look! The sun’s out again.IMG_7169Briefly! IMG_7180 And Mummy was anxious that Jaffa would get all wet after her fluffy groom!IMG_7228May’s comment: Thank you Yaena and Marley for hosting us – we always have a lovely time at your beautiful home.IMG_7260

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