To Poole … for birthday celebrations

In today’s day and age it can still happen. We were in a hotel in Poole for my birthday – and they didn’t have wifi – so we couldn’t share our adventures from yesterday. But here we are again – back home … and very tired.

George and I were very excited about our trip – but we almost didn’t make it. IMG_6170We were up early for our morning toilet rounds. It was a rainy morning and we were trying out our new neoprene coats.IMG_6175And as dry as we were, three taxis refused to take us – this does not usually happen when we use Get Taxi.

Long story short – we did get to Waterloo station on time and there we met up with Miuccia and her mummy (Jacqui) – on the train and off we went.IMG_6231It took us all a bit more time than usual to settle down.  We could smell the treats in Jacqui’s bag – so we were busy investigating.IMG_6180Miuccia was wondering what we were doing. IMG_6186We finally settled down IMG_6198 IMG_5625Anyway, after a two hour train ride, we finally arrived in Poole and our wi-fi-less hotel!IMG_6338I will tell you all about our adventures tomorrow after we’ve properly rested tonight.

Thank you for all my birthday wishes. I will take the time to respond to everyone over the weekend!

I had a lovely day (expect for George being jealous a few times – grrrr!) … I LOVE birthdays!!!

Good night! Time for bed! xxx


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  1. Sarah Lockington

    A belated Happy Birthday from Barney xxxxx

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