No, not me too!!!

I was sick last night! Unexpectedly, I regurgitated a nice round pile of all my food.

In response to this – guess what Mummy did?  She immediately rolled up the hallway rug, blocked off all access to the living room and she banned both of us from sleeping on her bed last night! Where was the sympathy?  Left me completely confused –

All night, I paced back and forth, checking if the situation had changed …Alas not! Not until the morning did the gate open. As soon as she let us in, we jumped up on the bed and curled up in comfort.What do you think will happen tonight, George?

May’s comment:  Maybe it was a good thing that Darcy got sick last night. It triggered a thought. Crumpet’s owner sent me his sick a few days ago – Yuck!  And it just that one time.  As was Darcy.

Immediately, as my suspicions has been – it has nothing to do with his food – because Crumpet and Jaffa (same symptoms as George, but she has a poor constitution) have also been sick. There must be a bug going around – as coincidentally or not – they socialise together almost every day.

Here’s Crumpet and the reminder!!! LOL!Thankfully, both Jaffa and George have not been sick the last three days.  Yes, George has been fine but I am giving it the five-day test before he’s allowed back on the bed.

So was it a bug after all?  Did George pick it up on our travels – we were in kennels on the ferry crossing.

P.S. Darcy always gets sick in the bathroom – the picture was just me teaching her to take the next step – maybe in the toilet would be better? And then learn to flush it afterwards? 



  1. Julie Entwistle

    Poor fur babies. Hope they get better (and your carpets) soon x

  2. Linda Knight

    Let me know how the toilet training goes. Lol. Thankfully Maggie Mae jumps off the bed as soon as she feels a little sick. Hope your babes soon get back to Mommy’s bed?

  3. Jill Keiser

    Yes! Hope Darcy and George get to sleep with Mummy soon!

  4. Cheryl

    I hope everyone feels better soon!

  5. anya

    aw poor baby girl x big hugs from me and Bentley

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