Total recall – GONE!

It was a very warm Friday and oh my word – were there squirrels? or were there squirrels?!?!?!

I was shaking with excitement as we entered the park, excited at the prospect of running till I drop. There were squirrels at every turn – EVERYWHERE!!!

I ran and I ran – very far and very fast!IMG_5823and I hunted. IMG_7846What Mummy hadn’t realised is that recently, George learnt about squirrels – from me!   IMG_5815 He was on the alert!IMG_5816IMG_7840 And as I ran, he ran – in different directions! And we chased our squirrels!!!IMG_7841Mummy was aghast by his behaviour! He lost ALL his recall. Oops, sorry!

May’s comment: One of the reasons we stick to Hyde Park is because we are very familiar with it. Darcy runs far and she runs fast – hunting squirrels, and she circles back to me in her own time – during these times her recall is non-existent! Only once did she lose her way.

As for George, he is small, dark and I wouldn’t think he is that familiar with the park – so it freaks me out when he runs so wildly and so very fast! Even a cockapoo couldn’t keep up with him when he was doing a doodle dash with a cockapoo we met!!!  He had almost perfect recall before we left for Berlin but when we came back to London, he went for a walk with the big boys and Darcy – and he immediately picked up on the game. He never once looked at me and no treats could get him back. Bad move. Now we’re going back on training lead.

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