Willow is STILL missing

Willow has now been missing/stolen for nearly 5 weeks She was last seen with her dog walkers on Biggleswade common on the 30th September 2014. There are still no sightings. Was anybody there the day Willow went missing?

If you should see a similar cockapoo for sale, or being introduced to a a similar looking female cockapoo, aged about 2 –image-8please just be cautious and check her out.  She is chipped and spayed. Willow is a part of a family and they would like her back home where she belongs.75818_a-2If so please message us and we will pass on the news or anything that you have noticed that day to the owners.  There’s a £5000 reward for finding her.

Please keep helping us share as we will not give up until we find her! 10712957_10154752778190654_2937380890424732413_nSomebody must know someone who know something.

Please help make this a memorable, a magical Christmas for Willow’s family.


  1. Jocelyn

    I hv forwarded this update to everyone I Know.

  2. Annabelle

    How terrible ! How did she go missing ? Has the dog walker also disappeared with the dog ? Or was willow taken whilst playing off leash ? We often let our pup off the leash to play in the park and would be horrified of she suddenly disappeared !

    • Miss Darcy

      It’s all unclear. Willow was with dog walker, was off-leash and disappeared into the bushes and never came back, haven’t been sighted. It’s something the owners will never know. For now, they are just asking everyone to share and not forget about Willow.

  3. Judith Vogel

    That is so sad.
    My heart aches for Willow and her family.
    I hope Willow is found soon.

  4. mrs Boult

    Shared your plight for willow in Staffordshire.

  5. Annette McQuillan

    So sorry to hear about Willow. Have you registered her on the Dog Lost site? doglost.co.uk e-mail admin@doglost.co.uk

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi Annette, Willow’s owner has done almost everything she knows to do. I will ask if she’s on Dog Lost. There’s a £5000 reward for her return – would think it’s attractive enough for someone to do something about it if they know. But might have been sold on. Looking for alternative ways now – we won’t stop sharing till we find her. 🙁

  6. alison

    Beautiful Willow body was found friday. R.I.P beautiful.x

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