All in a morning’s work

Yesterday morning we had to get up fairly early and made our way to the ITV studios for a guest appearance on the This Morning show. IMG_0769We waited in the green room IMG_0776To be briefedIMG_0791Got our hair brushed IMG_0782 Read the Morning BriefsIMG_0787Lots of fuss and attentionIMG_0798And tempted by a tray of goodies …IMG_0810Desperately eyeing them but to no avail IMG_0814And then it was showtime!11824182_10153487392405309_425419028_nWhat were you saying, Mummy?

May’s comment: An opportunity came about just the day before – if we could talk about our travel experiences on telly. All this from a report that there has been a significant rise in Pet Passports this past year. Timing was perfect as we have been asked to be a part of the group campaigning to get Pets on Eurostar.  Please help us travel easier with our pets to the continent by signing the petition Pets on Eurostar


  1. Liz Moore

    Hey Darcy,
    Mummy’s looking good!!

    She’s such an incredible advocate for all your four pawed friends.

  2. Samantha Jane Smith

    Hi May
    I’ve signed the petition but as I’m overseas myself, I can’t upload the item on This Morning. Can you make a uTube link please so I can watch it. I was on This Morning in June when Eamon and Ruth were hosting. Lovely bunch of people.

  3. Davina lawrence

    Miss Darcey you were the star of the show. You were so well behaved. Let’s hope you are successful in getting pets on euro star. Lol Johnny poo bear Lawrence esquire xxx

  4. Mandy

    Darcey you were fab! I thought the vet was a little rude though – hinting Mummy only took you to New Yirk to go shopping! You travel in style Darcey and we love your adventures 🙂

  5. Julia

    Well done May & Darcy for highlighting this issue. Such a good girl Miss Darcy so well behaved. X

  6. julia mcevilly

    Fabulous interview so professional both of you! Take care Julie & Bailey xx

  7. Tory Johnston

    Can u give me the You Tube link too pls that Sam asked for as I did not know in time to watch the programme live and I can’t get Replay of UK progammes over here.

    I’m sure you did a great job but wd love to see it first hand !!

  8. DickFirestone

    …..and not once did Ms. Darcy mention my name.

    Jake ,from Los Angeles, ca.

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