Let’s get pets on Eurostar!

We have Pet Passport to travel – but it takes so much effort to cross over to the continent because of so many restrictions.  Let’s get Pets on Eurostar!unnamed

It is difficult to fly out of the UK in-cabin unless you are George’s size or smaller.  I am too big to be in-cabin and I would rather not fly in the hold. I did it once and wasn’t very happy on the other end. Besides very few airlines would allow pets in cabin to fly out of the UK – never mind about coming back in. Pets must go in the hold.

You can go by car via the Eurotunnel but that is only if you’re driving. Mummy isn’t a keen driver and she wouldn’t drive to the continent.  The same for most of the ferries except for Stenaline crossing over to Hoek van Holland.

We have travelled all over the UK in trains.  And once we’ve managed to get over to Europe after a long extensive travel logistics, we have been to many of the European cities by trains and planes.

So Mummy said we must try and get Eurostar to understand our predicament. So we are going to help with the new campaign – “get pet friendly ” on Eurostar.home-banner-032But we need everyone who feels the sam way to sign our petition – Pets on Eurostar.

We need numbers to give us a bigger voice to approach them to make a case.

And please share this with everyone.

May’s comment:  The Pet Travel scheme was introduced in February 2000 and amongst the first carrier to sign up to the scheme was Eurotunnel’s Le Shuttle. Many of the shipping lines followed suite. Le Shuttle has since transported more than 1,500,000 pets by car, secured £22,500,000 in revenue, gained 50% of the cross channels car market and 72% of the total market (air, sea, train).

Fifteen years after the launch of the scheme much to our disappointment Eurostar has been unable and unwilling to offer this potentially lucrative service to its clients.

Me and my pooches, we’ve travelled often to the continent and although possible, my goodness, the amount of planning and time it takes and the hassle.  We know that the easiest and quickest way would be via the Eurostar  – especially for those of us who do not like to drive or cannot get to the continent easily with our pets.

We happily ride the British Rail all over the nation.  We are also welcomed onboard SNCF without any hassle.  The biggest missing link is the Eurostar.unnamed-107

It is however a private entity and we have to appeal to them in numbers and show there is a need for them to cooperate.

So please help us to convince them we need to be allowed on board.

You don’t have to be British to sign this petition. We also need voices from the continent to make a statement to Eurostar that this is not only an inconvenience for those on the British Isles.

This campaign had been going on for a while led by different groups.  Just last year, we participated in a demonstration led by Pets Pyjamas at St. Pancras. Now we are all going to join forces to be a stronger voice.

But we need your participation and your voice.

P.S. We are also aware of the current situation at Calais but this effort will take a while to coordinate the efforts to push this forward – and we hope the situation at Calais will be resolved in due time.



  1. Elisabeth and PooMonster

    I have emailed and complaim with Eurostar soooo many times. ..i am sooo with you on that one!

    • Miss Darcy

      Soooo many people wish they can take their pets across. So now we have an organised campaign. Please share.

  2. Cecilia


  3. Daniel Morgan Hall

    Have you contacted any reporters at major media to interest them in interviewing you about this subject? You must know a few reporters by now considering many stories have been done about Ms. Darcy. Lots of media coverage could definitely help your campaign.

  4. elisabeth

    Hi May…any update on this?

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi Elisabeth, the timing of our efforts wash;t great as it seemed to have coincided with the whole refugee situation in Calais. So we pulled back our efforts but we are looking at other approaches.
      Will keep you updated.

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