Tricks and Treats

Not quite Halloween yet but we’ve been doing quite a bit of tricks and treats this morning. All because we met up with Jensen and Enzo at the park. 

Jensen is a top-notch agility competitor and Enzo is well on his way. Me, I do it for “recreation” purposes – so Mummy can get some exercise and as she claims – challenge me mentally. True!

So it was difficult to keep up with Jensen and Enzo in the tricks department.

Hey there, guys!IMG_3209So this is their mummy, Sam who got all our attention with treats in her hands.IMG_3219She asked Jensen to wave! Hey that’s cute – I’ve never done that before.IMG_3220Then we did the Mexican wave – first Enzo …IMG_3214 Then Jensen with great enthusiasm … whoa! look how high he went.IMG_3215 And I did my sort of version.IMG_3216 And Enzo again!IMG_3230Hey! Watch it! Jensen in his enthusiasm landed a wave on my head!IMG_3228“Sorry, Darcy” – says Jensen
IMG_3229Then we all had to lay down before we get our treats.IMG_3224 But like Jack-in-the-Box I keep popping up!IMG_3225And then I was really confused. Sam had treats in her hand but she wouldn’t give them to me. I usually tap Mummy’s hand and she would be delighted at me pawing at her. But this time … I wasn’t sure what I had to do.IMG_3238 I know there are treats in there! I can smell them.IMG_3239 Please open up your hand.IMG_3240 PLEASE!!!!IMG_3244 I figured it out eventually that only if I stopped pawing did I get the treat.  Then tricks and treats time was over and we said goodbye to Jensen, Enzo and Sam!IMG_3246

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