On the Jubilee

After a visit to Primrose Hill we took the tube back from St. John Woods. We don’t often use the tube as Mummy doesn’t like being underground very much but we were in a hurry and this was the fastest way to get around.

So here we are, packed in with the crowds.

May’s comment: And drew a lot of attention!  A nice gentleman gave us his spot so I could lean against the side while carrying Darcy – as it was too crowded for her to be on the floor.  He was so enamoured by her.  Two other passengers asked to pet her. Then a bunch of Chinese tourists came on board and they were having a whole conversation about her in Chinese and eventually learnt that one of them has a cockapoo.IMG_3899

Darcy was playing to the crowds – she rested her head on one of the arm of one of the Chinese tourists and everyone went awww! Such a charmer.

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