What does dog-friendly really mean, Mummy?

Quite misleading when they say dog-friendly restaurants. You would think they would let us order from the menu but apparently not!

All it means is that we’re allowed to go inside and sit on the floor by the humans while they eat.  Anything left for us, Martine?IMG_3887So Greenberry Cafe is another dog-friendly restaurant in Primrose Hill – there were quite a few of us pooches inside.

IMG_3889Primrose Hill is known to be dog friendly – so after lunch we went shopping a little.  We went into this charming little kitchen store called Richard Dare. It has everything one can think of for kitchens. All Mummy bought were two little air-tight containers for my lunches.  Note: LITTLE – so not a lot goes inside of it! Maybe a bit too small, Mummy?IMG_3890 IMG_3891May’s comment: Always on the lookout for dog friendly restaurants and dog friendly stores. Primrose Hill is known to be very dog friendly but even then quite a few of the places do not allow dogs in – the “health and safety” rules apply whenever the owners do not like dogs or do not want to upset other clients.

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  1. Another lovely day with Miss Darcy and May

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