Tug-o-wars in America!

There are tug-o-wars all over America!

Mummy had brought each of our doggy friends in America when she went to visit.  They are from the new collection of toys from Alice Foxx.

Here’s our cousin Molly who lives in New Jersey with hers …unnamed-57Little Bennie in New York City with hersunnamed-83And there were two more Malteses – Quincy and Mimi. They live in Florida and each had one …

IMG_5567But Quincy’s so petite that Mummy had to get a specially small one for him
unnamed-60And an extra-large one for beautiful Bella in Washington D.C.IMG_5837And Wilson in Chicago got one too!  Lily also had one but she wasn’t so keen on it.IMG_5388And back home in the U.K. I’m having a tug-o-war with dinky Georgie – IMG_7257 Guess who won – even though he had help from Ann!IMG_7255Actually dinky George had a small one made for him too! IMG_6065May’s comments: Lovely tuggy toys made of 100% polyester fleece.  They’re on Alice Foxx’s page for Miss Darcy for Alice Foxx

These are the Rules of Tug
• Your dog can’t grab the tug toy before you give her permission to do so. They must sit or lie down and then wait for you to invite them to play. You can invite your dog to grab the toy by using a special word or phrase, like “Take it!” or “Get it!” to initiate a game of tug.
• Your dog must let go of the toy whenever you ask them to do so. Teach your dog that when you say “Drop it” or “Give,” they should release the toy.
• Your dog can’t put their mouth on human skin or clothing while playing tug—even if it does so accidentally. “Missing” and grabbing anything except the tug toy should immediately result in the end of the game.IMG_7375


  1. Denise.Scott

    Hi Darcy – that looks a fantastic game but I am not very good at rules!!!!
    I love playing tuggy with mummy and she always lets me win – She was a bit dozzy
    when I was small and when I looked at her with my sad eyes she would say ” of course this is yours ” and give it back to me….. I have a box of toys which and I always bring her one when she comes home but when she triys to take it… I take it back – she knows I am the boss… ( Denise says – this is where I have gone wrong I should have taken the toy and only given it to him when I DECIDED – but too late now)
    He just likes playing and going mad – throws it up in the air everywhere – He looks very sad when I tell him to SIT AND WAIT before going for it….)

  2. Judith Vogel

    Wonderful photos! Adorable dogs!
    The absolute best tug toys.
    Visually appealing, very satisfying to chomp (I tried it) very well made.
    Excellent Holiday gift that will provide endless joy and interest for your pet and whoever is at the other end.
    Thanks for the helpful directions. XoJ.

  3. Miami Malteses

    We love our toys too! My sister Mimi tries to put all of them in her mouth at the same time! so I just stand by and watch until she drops one and then I take it and run! We are not good with rules so we run around until our Mummy catches up and tries to take them away and we tug but can’t get much traction on the marble floor so we end up being dragged all over the place!! So much fun! Thank you Ms Darcy, May and Alice Foxx for our toys! Love Quincy

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