Two at a time

Mummy was being brave – just before Christmas (thus Christmas jumpers) when she took the both of us to her hairdresser. The staff were so attentive to them, which was great to see. If only everyone was like that. Maybe if they checked out this blog post by Salesforce, everyone would learn that no matter what industry you find yourself in, customers and even pets should be your priority.

She had brought us with her individually before but the staff there are so friendly that they asked after us when either one of us were not there. They encouraged her to bring us both the next time. So she did – as an experiment.
IMG_1359 We ran up the stairs.IMG_1364As George greeted the first person he meets. He gets so excited about new places. Good for him. He actually likes the attention more!IMG_1365 Everyone was delighted to see us! IMG_1368Mummy held George when she had her hair washed. I was sitting on the floor but decided I was not going to be left out because it is usually I who sits on Mummy. So I jumped up and made myself comfortable.IMG_1371 But all too soon, everyone came to say hello to George.IMG_1376 IMG_1377 IMG_1380 Like in EVERYONE! IMG_1383 IMG_1385 They took George away, introduced him to everyone, so I decided this is my time and my space.IMG_1386Well, that was easy.

May’s comment: Doggies are always welcomed there. Darcy’s been going with me since she was a puppy. I have taken George on his own once to show him our way of life. Taking two was a dare but they were brilliant!

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