Get ready Crufts! … for the handsomest of them all!

We’re off to Crufts tomorrow and since it is George’s first time, Mummy thought he needed tidying up.

So off to The Pet Spa for some sprucing up with Niki.IMG_6936Ta da!!!
IMG_6937Ooops! Excuse the bits! 🙂

And I too got a haircut.IMG_7033Even though we’re only walking around the halls checking out everything so we can blog about it, we still have to look our best because all the other dogs there will be looking all spic and span.  And we must too!

We also can’t wait to meet all the prize winners from our competition – well, at least their humans.IMG_7028

Mays’ comment: Second year at Crufts – this time we will be more prepared and tackle the massive exhibition halls and check out the shows.  Needless to say – with two dogs in tow, it will be tiring … but we shall persevere – we have a mission. We are going to meet all the small breed of long hair dogs and ask them what they think George could be! 🙂


  1. Jocelyn

    miss Darcy and George look gorgeous and what about you May.. Hv u been to the spa ???

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