Two + One = Temporarily Three

I think we can safely say, at least for now, there won’t be a third in our home – at least not a permanent fixture!

Not because “Churchill” was a bother at all. He was such a success that Mummy battled hard to let him go. But now that there are only me and George, we get to have visitors.

You see, we have too many friends who live close by

Our Jaffa!

And of course there’s Mr. Charles!The great snuggler!
Mr. Charles doesn’t come too often any more – every now and then.

And once upon a time, there was Maddie.but she moved away – very far away to Norway.

So instead, we have Lyra!She much prefers to hang out with MummyThat’s because she’s still young and unsure of our home.They have all come for sleepovers and playdates. They sort of filled the “gap” in Mummy’s heart – her little yearning for a third.

May’s comment: There’s no gap really. It’s just that the expandable heart could always do with some expanding.Lyra’s owners are in the States for the summer and she had a week at home with her daddy. During this week, we get to have her come and play. And when we’re all tired and having a quick afternoon nap, Lyra ended up on me!Wouldn’t it be nice to have another to love but this is a great set-up. I have my two who have each other when left. And now and then I get to cuddle a third!

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