Antipodean, anyone?

In vernacular British English and Irish English, “The Antipodes” is sometimes used to refer to Australia and New Zealand,  and “Antipodeans” to their inhabitants.

And at The Providores, they serve Antipodean fusion food!
Little plates – I liked the duck croquette best. The others were a little too vegetarian.

Lunching with Mummy and her favourite rose –
Though that looked rather orange to us!

May’s comment: On Marylebone High Street is The Providores – an all-day cafe and formal dining with Antipodean fusion menu, tapas and New Zealand wine list.
When I called to make sure we were welcomed, they stressed – SMALL dogs only. We went along and were seated at the bar table by the window – and understood why they insisted SMALL dogs only. I guess Darcy qualified as “small” since she fitted under the table very comfortably. If the restaurant was not busy, we could sit at one of the front tables. Well, at least they allow dogs, even if it’s just SMALL dogs.

Located at 109 Marylebone High St, Marylebone, London W1U 4RX


  1. Karen Penrose

    This is amazing. A restaurant in London channeling Australian/NZ food that allows small doga when here in Australia, dogs (irrespective of size) are never allowed inside restaurants. It’s always outside for us. ??

  2. Unfortunately Australia is very anti dogs it’s so sad
    Some coffee shops now leave out a dish of water and allow dogs to sit outside with their owner but not all ?

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