While I was getting a wash-n-fluff, Mum took George to see Kim – and the puppies she’s been fostering.

Meet mum – Lowrie, a Schnoodle. She’s three.

She had nine puppies about six weeks ago. But four of the nine did not make it. We are unaware of who the daddy is!

She and the five pups are currently staying with Kimberley till they go to their forever homes. I’ll let Mum tell you their story.

There are two black boys and three brown girls.

This one wanted attention …

And so Mum obliged. Meet – Fatty – LOL!

Little black boy is a bruiser! He weights the most! He is big boned and have shovel sized feet! He loves to be held. But if you keep growing buddy, it will soon be able to carry you around! LOL!

This is Sweet Small Boy

Love cuddles and kibbles plus running a hundred miles an hour backwards! Absolutely adorable and quiet.

Think he got a lot of hugs from Mum –

That’s a good Tongue Out Tuesday pic!

Moving onto the girls. Meet Drama Queen!!!!

She is the littlest but don’t mess with her. She has big personality – demands attention.

And she got the extra cuddles from Mum.

Meet Curly!

She’s gentle, funny and not as fat as the third sister!

And she gives kisses!

It is not very PC to call someone “fat” but in this case its because Kim had purposefully not given them names so their owners can name them – and more importantly not to be emotionally attached.

But this is one is CHUNKY! LOL!

Just to prove that I am CHUNKY!

George wasn’t really interested about those young ones.

He was more interested in their mum.

As we rode home, George pondered about life. So many pups born into this world – a lot of times unexpectedly. Without the help of hoomans, many of us would be without a home. Thanks to hoomans like Kim who helps out whenever she can – she helped Mum with George and she helped to re-home another with Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue, and another dire situation recently. Now these puppies. And all the animal rescues who spend endless hours trying to find suitable homes for homeless dogs.

George for one is definitely grateful for the work of these generous hoomans. And we are grateful to them too for saving George from doom. And also grateful for the many generous hoomans out there willing to give the homeless dogs homes.

May’s comment: Heaven!

L – R: Fat Boy, Fat Girl, Curly Girl, Little Black Boy, Drama Queen

Went to visit Kim (friend who helped me pick up George) who is fostering these five pups, their mum Lowrie. Her daughter, Molly from another litter has been successfully re-homed. The pups have purposefully not been named to avoid further attachment.

Their owner had not known Lowrie was heavily pregnant when she left them at the kennels while she was away. Long story short, she became ill while away, returned home to London as soon as she could to take care of the pups, but became ill and was hospitalised. Sadly and unexpectedly, she passed away on Boxing Day. Kim saw a plea for the pups and mum plus sister to be fostered and stepped in to foster the whole lot!

We don’t know who the father is. We think they will be bigger than the mum who is in between Darcy and George’s size. She is very calm and currently protective of her brood and of Kim. But she doesn’t mind being touched except for now when her nipples are sore from feeding.

The pups will be six weeks on Monday and the charity that is helping to re-home them is Spaniel Assist Rescue & Rehoming Group. They will be ready to leave for their forever homes when they are ten weeks. Their mum, Lowrie will need a forever home too. They are taking applications and doing home checks at the moment. Do inquire if you are interested.

And in case you are wondering – we are not taking one. Given how we travel, it’s not advisable and also we want to be able to have Charlie, Kingston or Jaffa and whoever else who needs to stay over.



    Quite a story, the pups look lovely, love them all, but ‘Chunky’ made me smile, displaying her ‘chunkyness’, and her ‘Daisy’, bless her. Sad to hear that the lady who owned Lowrie passed away. It’s wonderful that your friend Kim has stepped into the breach to ensure that Lowrie and her babies will all be looked after. I think George enjoyed the visit, he would have a lot to tell Darcy when she comes back from the Beauty Parlour. Thank goodness for the people who help in all these situations, there is always so much work to be done.

  2. Cheryl

    Please tell Kim thank you for me! I’m so glad she was able to step in and give all those pups a loving, albeit temporary, home! Prayers they all find loving, forever homes ASAP!

  3. Valerie

    May…you are such a wonderful storyteller! While reading and enjoying pics of pups…..I wondered if you were swayed to claim one! You are a wise gal.

  4. Julia Bates

    It was my turn for puppy cuddles today. They are adorable. ?

  5. Liz Burman

    Nothing like an armful of puppies to make you smile.???

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