It was going to be long car ride from Paris to London – but we were offered a ride home in the midst of train strikes in Paris.

And yes, both Mum and Yaena wondered about how George would be in the car. He panted all the way from London to Brussels. But we hope that maybe the smooth sailing Audi E-Tron might help a little.

Before we started on our journey, Mum gave George two of those Nacani CBD treats.

When we got into the car, Mum popped him into the tote bag that he used during our train journeys.

At first he started to pant and after a very short while, he just settled and snuggled up in the tote bag in Mum’s arms.

Marley checked back to see if George was ok.

The Audi E-Tron drove like a dream.

Mum – think we might have found the answer to George’s anxiousness in cars!!! Need to get the Audi E-Tron!!!

May’s comment: Right after we arrived at Yaena’s, we got out of the long car ride, during which George slept most of the way, and jumped into a London Black Cab and then we felt the significance.

It could be a couple of things that helped ease George’s anxiousness:

  • Was it snuggling in the tote bag? I’m sure it helped but no, because in the second half of the journey he wasn’t in it. But he was cradled in my arms.
  • Was it the Audi E-tron? I am sure it helped a great deal by being smooth sailing. But thankfully I don’t think that was the primary reason!!!! It must have given him a positive experience with being in a car because after we got into the taxi, I managed to convince him to snuggle into my arms and we rode home for the next 15 minutes without any panting.

I think the major factor was the CBD treats that calmed him!!!! He had two! I must say, it also helped to have a car that didn’t jerk around during the whole journey.

So no, I am not buying an electric car for George! But I will be stocking up on his CBD treats! LOL!

Bought them at Dogsmopolitan in Dusseldorf but you can also buy from their website – Nacani.


  1. Cheryl

    Welcome Home! I must say George does looks drugged in your pictures, but if it helps keep him calm, it certainly is worth it!
    Oh, and that car is beautiful!

  2. Veena Kaur

    Oh that is so awesome for George to have a relaxed car ride!

  3. I love this blog.

    Lets be doggy friends…


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