Rexy and another dog was found chained in the hills somewhere in Hungary – day and night, hot or cold.
10993952_348834075326858_6468579017751251965_n Some kind Samaritan brought them food every few days and some water.10991287_348834098660189_3712300050188271094_n They ate hungrily10479081_348834031993529_6609111599037325634_nThese Samaritans started to wonder who these two dogs belonged to and soon learnt it was someone up in the hills who really didn’t care – at all!10994943_348834105326855_2334089871171295952_nSomething had to be done and one night, the rescuers went to cut off their chains and took them away.10325377_348834078660191_73050963249040602_n

Rexy is one of the many dogs that was rescued and brought over to the UK through Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue – the charity that brought George (aka Bobo) to us.

Rexy now lives happily on a farm with four other dogs. It took him awhile to learn that the indoors in a fine place to be. He would run along the side of the farm and bark at passing cars. These days, he lives indoors and he plays with his friends. And when Vanessa brings home a few more to foster, he helps out. He reassures them, like Pityu here for instance, who had just arrived from Hungary. He tells them that the U.K. is a very fine place to be. Maybe the weather can be relentless at times with cloudy skies and persistent rain – but that’s what keeps the fields green so we can run and roll in them. Overall, the dog-loving people in this country – they are just the best!!!!

May’s comment: We met Rexy last year when we went to visit Vanessa, one of the Admins for Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue.  As we walked along, Rexy was running along the fence of the farm, barking at the cars. He was a bit of a loner then and he was more comfortable sitting outside than in.

He was adopted for a while but he never settled and returned to Vanessa’s after three weeks. Today, he is very much at home in Vanessa’s house.  He has become a part of her family, er, growing family! 

Over the years, I got to know more of the Admins at Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue and seen their work develop and grow. Rehoming dogs is not always straightforward. Sometimes it doesn’t work out. I have been very lucky with George – when I see this little guy who once roamed the streets of Hungary, then got culled and thrown into a Killing Station, I cannot bear to think what could have happened to him if the shelters who work with Hilda, the founder of the charity, did not find him.

So many dogs out there to be rescued, to be given a chance in life. Rexy, Pityu and George are the lucky ones from Hungary who have been given a second chance thanks to Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue.




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