The day I became George …

Today, three years ago was when it became official that I became Mummy’s and Mummy became mine, well ours if we include Darcy.

We first met each other on the 18th September 2014 – Mummy was fostering me. I was called “Bobo” then.  But she didn’t like that name and as she was mulling over, no, that would have been too mild. Rather, when she was pulling hair wondering if she should keep me, she called me “He-Who-Has-No-Name” – HWHNN for short. But it looked like Welsh and couldn’t be pronounced, so instead she called me “Dinky”.  “Dinky-winky” sometimes.

It took her a whole week to decide to keep me and then it was a few days before it  was official! And the day she finally made up her mind (I wasn’t holding my breath because I didn’t know what it meant to belong to someone) … she announced my name – George! She had decided this along with her friend Kim.

I was not named after a certain little Prince but rather because it was the day a certain Mr. Clooney got married. So with one George out of the way, there was room for another! 🙂 And thus my name!

To commemorate each anniversary, Mummy had a drawing or a painting done of me. This was me – still a little scraggly and well-depicted in just 15 minutes by Sally Muir of A Dog A Day fame!And this was last year when Sara Abbott painted me in oil.This year, Camilla drew me. While Orlando looked on and asked, “Is that the little black dog that snarled at me?What do you think?It was drawn with love.

And then framed with passionOur friend Indre, a photographer of dogs par excellence and a passionate framer, decided to frame Camilla’s drawing with a gilded gold frame.I completely salute you both, Camilla and Indre for making this a memorable Gotcha Day.

With love, George, previously – Bobo, interim – HWHNN, Dinky or Dinky-winky, post-naming – Hungarian Refugee, Little Rat, Terror, … the list goes on, affectionately – Georgie, and my fans call me “Georgeous!”  I like that!

May’s comment:  Commemorating our third Gotcha Day, a pencil drawing of dinky George by Camilla Rossi.Camilla is an art student and she takes commissions. If interested, get in touch.

Indre who had taken some of the most stunning dog photos framed the picture for us. She’s also happy to take commissions.

Both Camilla and Indre are dear friends who love dogs and brilliant at their craft. Lucky George!


  1. Sian Widner

    Beautiful!! Captured his sweet personality perfectly!!

  2. Cheryl

    Happy Gotcha Day!
    I was obviously in error/confused a few days ago when I wrote Happy Gotcha Day!
    George you are adorable!

    • Miss Darcy

      Easily happen. We met first as a fisterer but I did not decide to keep him till almost 10 days later.

  3. Lucy Cronin

    Happy Gotcha Day!!! George is so sweet. I just love him. ❤️?❤️

  4. Julie Entwistle

    Fabulous pictures

  5. Julie James

    Happy Gotcha day George! ?

  6. Elizabeth Burman

    Happy Gotcha Day! How could you not love that little face.??

  7. Cheryl and Susie

    George has proved to be as beautiful inside as he is outside!! x

  8. Rita and Gracie

    Happy Gotcha day George..have a fab day with Miss D. and mummy of course.Xxx ????

  9. Elaine Craigen

    Happy Gotcha Day George!xxx

  10. Margaret Danks

    Camilla is very talented. Happy gotcha day Georgeous ?❤

  11. Angelique

    Gorgeous George! What beautiful paintings/drawings/sketches f the delightful George ?

  12. Kay

    George because of Clooney? Nothing to do with a certain Wickham who used to know the future Mrs Darcy?! 😉

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