A very white room with a view

We arrived in rainy Vienna – the bus stopped across the canal from the hotel. So we walked along rush hour traffic till we found the bridge to cross the canal.

We arrived at Sofitel Vienna Stephansdomimg_6976Which has very colourful ceilings.img_6948 We checked in and went to our room – and see what we found!img_6942A bowl of water and treats which Mummy almost immediately hid from me – the treats, that is.

The room is very white. img_6944We were on the 16th floor and has a view of the city.img_6943 Pretty high from up here!img_6951 Mummy ordered room service for me. I could smell what was on the tray and was so excited I did not get out of the way to let the room service guy in. img_6952-1He was also nervous around dogs, I think.img_6954 Look! Raw minced meat – just for me!img_6955After I had eaten, we went down to the lobby – found this funny place – what is it?img_6979Ahhh, Le Cafe

We were waiting for Mummy’s friend, Hansi. He lives in Germany but he was near Salzburg on a business trip so he drove over to meet us.
img_6974Hansi had met Impostor when they were in Charleston a few months ago.  Now he meets the real thing!

Since I’ve had supper, Mummy was hungry so they went up to the 18th floor of the hotel where there’s a rooftop conservatory restaurant.img_6961 Wow! Look at that view!img_6960I know I had dinner, how about something else?
img_6963 But to no avail, I fell asleep under the table.img_6972The hoomans had a lot to talk about. After they were done eating, they went to the bar and I continued sleeping.

Hansi had to drive all the way back to his place near Salzburg. We took the opportunity to walk out with him so I could also do my evening business. img_6977And then sat outside for a little while to watch the world go by – rather the traffic.

Time for bed in our very white room img_6980with a view. For tomorrow we travel out to the countryside.

May’s comment: In contrast to the old world hotels as one expects to find in Vienna is Sofitel Stephansdom – an avant-garde masterpiece. img_6989Built by French architect Jean Nouvel, it is a tribute to contemporary art.  He also decided that the whole hotel should be decorated in the “non-colors” of black, white and gray.  Thus we had the very white room.

I chose to stay here mainly because they are very dog friendly. They arranged for Darcy’s raw dinners and if I had wanted to they could have served it at the restaurant while we ate.

Sofitel Vienna Stephansdom is located at Praterstraße 1, 1020 Vienna


  1. Sally

    Wow Darcy… look at that bowl of treats! I am not surprised mummy lifted them from the floor pronto. I laughed out loud when I read your blog as I would have done exactly the same thing. My Alfie who is a Cavapoo and I hope you meet one day at your Hyde Park meets would have raced for that bowl but would be the size of a small house if I let him have all the treats he wanted. What a good girl you are sitting for a photo while your raw mince awaits… very impressive. I am sure mummy is very proud at how impeccably behaved you are x

    • Miss Darcy

      Mummy says – yes indeed she is very proud of me to date. The big test is coming up tonight and tomorrow.

  2. Sheryl

    What a lovely room. Miss Darcy hope mummy gives her one treat you are such a sweet doggie. Enjoy your trip !

  3. So well behaved Miss Darcy, my Mr Darcy and I are in Portugal, we drive through France and Spain, and even though our hotels said they were “dog friendly” when we arrived, we were only allowed in the bedrooms, never in restaurant and bar areas, we wish our hotels were like yours ? Have a good trip x

    • Miss Darcy

      It’s very annoying when they do that. I always ask about the restaurants and I try to find ones that are truly dog friendly.

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