Guten Morgen Wien!

The one good thing about having to wake up early is to catch the sunrise, though Mummy would happily have lie-ins – which she is planning to do once we’re at our next destination.

But this morning we went upstairs to Das Loft on the 18th floor of the hotel for breakfast and saw a pink purple orange sunrise over Vienna img_6991We sat by the window for the view.
img_6993But when Mummy went to the buffet I only had eyes for herimg_6994And stayed focused until she returned even better with goodies.

But when she came back, I was looking up at her for some käse und schinkenimg_6996What’s that needle on my head? Ha! Ha! It’s the steeple of the Stephansdom.

But before the lie-ins, we have to take two trains starting from Wien Hauptbahnhof img_7002To Wien Neustadt but for some reason the train had to stop along the way and was delayed – we waited anxiously to get off as we had a tight connection.img_7006We did make it onto the next train – they waited for us. But was then told that from Friedrich, we had to take a bus as they are doing rail works. Crikey! This is sounding like the journey George had. When we were about to board the bus, the rather rough-looking bus driver asked in German, “Where is it’s hund maulkorb?”  To which Mummy understood he meant a muzzle and she replied, “She was on the train without one. Why does she need it now?

She said it in English purposefully but she also couldn’t translate that thought into German fast enough. The driver waved his hand and grumbled under his breath.  He wasn’t a nice person – we decided. But it is true though that dogs not in bags travelling on trains in Germany needed a be muzzled. Mummy had one in her bag – always, again just in case the situation decided it. But surely looking at me, they couldn’t insist?img_6918We finally made it to Bad Waltersdorf to be picked up by a taxi to Obermayerhofen Scholss in Sebersdorf.  img_7023Finally, we are staying at one place for more than one night – and some space to run.

May’s comment: Such a short stay in Vienna. That was only my second visit to Vienna. The first was about 22 years ago! Hopefully on Sunday evening we can explore a little bit more as we start our long return journey. One more plane ride and a lot of trains.



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