Visiting the Macdonalds

Kinloch Lodge is the highland home of Claire and Godfrey Macdonalds. The staff were so welcoming and they told us about the walks we can take and where we can hang out – me included.

When we got to our room, I looked out the window and couldn’t wait to get out – I was so excited.

IMG_2056IMG_2058I want to go out!

 There’s another pooch staying there – Chicho, a Havanese terrier! He’s about my age – and we got to know each other a little. He lives in Aberdeen but moving back to Texas soon. That will take some adjustment.


But there’s a big, black labrador called Charlie who lives at Kinloch Lodge. He’s very playful but he scares me.


We had tea in the drawing room …


IMG_2097I checked to see if there was anything for me.

We went for walks.

IMG_2130 IMG_2145 IMG_2148

We enjoyed the views. So peaceful and quiet.

IMG_2100We sat in our room and looked out the window …

IMG_2109… till after 10pm.

May’s comment: “Charming, cosy and discreetly luxurious” is how it is described on the website and it is all that and more. The views are lovely, so Skye, I would say. The engaging staff makes such an effort to make this a memorable stay.  It saved the day. I came with such high expectations of Skye and though at first inconvenienced, we’ve ended up having wonderful memories.  Even though we were not allowed in the main building when there are guests, we could have gone in when the guest have left. But in the other house where we stayed, there’s a drawing room where we could hang out whenever we wanted to.

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