Walking in the rain …

It was another rainy day. When it is wet and horrible outside, we usually just walk around the block.

This is just so we can relief ourselves and then hurry back home.

Mum was having a rough day. She had been upset about several things all morning and towards the end of the day she was really angry with “that builder” again when she stopped and said, “Georgie, let’s go for a walk in the rain.”

A walk? The usual around the block? But no. She seemed intent on something. We kept walking though at a slower pace than how we normally walk. We strolled along the wet, gritty city streets. I had on one of my neoprene coats – unlike Darcy’s fab raincoats. As we meandered along and I could hear Mum’s thoughts as she ran things through her mind. Hmmm. I don’t know how I can help to change things for her but I can walk alongside her and keep her company – and reminded her to smell the roses – in this case pee on the foliage

and fake flowers at The Ivy.

We walked past Matcha and Beyond and Mum thought to stop and have a cup of Matcha and her favourite green velvet cake – she says being green makes her feel less guilty. Maybe that’s what she needed.

There we sat together – with a cup of tea and a huge piece of cake –

just what is needed when it is cold and wet outside.

We sat for awhile … and I think the walk did some good. She wrote down her thoughts and then let the rain wash it away.

We entertained some kids at the table. We didn’t hurry. Then when were ready, we walked in the rain again – we strolled rather togo home.

Note: I do not have as many raincoats as Darcy has. Wonder why?

Wonder if she has been walking in the rain too.

Oh Darcy Dawg! You’re soaking wet and very curly!

May’s comment: We strolled in the rain. It didn’t matter that we were getting wet. Someone said “Do not walk so fast, the rain is everywhere.” So true.

I didn’t want to hurry. In fact I wanted to slow things down. The whole morning had been frustrating. This was the second time this week that British Telecom had forgotten to sync their requests for appointments so for a second time this week I was left waiting in the morning – and only when I called them did they realise that they have forgotten to schedule my appointment.

And then the rugs that would do so much to make the place a home did not arrive in time and the installers now don’t know when they can schedule me in. And everyone else seems to think I can wait around till the cows come home to deliver things I have ordered. It was one of those days. And the builder who has no idea that I am plotting his murder scene.

I guess I am anxious to get moving – yes, as in moving into our new home and start the next chapter – less burdened, contained and more free. But people seem to get in the way of progress. Also anxious to get out and prepare the current place for Sasha and Skye to arrive.

Just stress I suppose.

So putting things in perspective, Belinda reminded me – “At least you’re not Theresa May.” Well, that’s a relief. But I am May – and I am planning a new home.


  1. Cheryl

    Oh my, I’m so sorry for all your frustrations! It’s been 30 years since we built our home and I remember being upset lots of times! Just remember to breathe! It went so much more smoothly when we added our addition! Our contractor, when something went wrong, would just say”we’ll make it work”. He was wonderful!
    I’m sure everything will be fine and your new home will be beautiful! Excited to see photos!

  2. Liz Burman

    Oh dear, moving is so stressful, especially when you have to rely on other people, to do what they’re meant to do when they’re meant to do it. It’s what puts us off downsizing, but no doubt we’ll have to do it sometime. Things will sort themselves out and probably in a month from now you’ll be settled into your new home and wonder what all the fuss was about. Don’t murder your builder, let karma deal with him, and anyway I’d really miss your blogs. LOL We’ll be thinking of you.XX😘

  3. Jan & Peter

    Such a stressful time, it is 25 years ago now that we moved into our current house but bringing everything together seemed as though it would never happen but it did.
    Take a deep breath and soldier on.
    Good luck sure it will all work out.

  4. Julie

    Oh May what are we like? We put ourselves under so much pressure. Wanting everything perfect (It’s not the way of the world now) In fact on the odd occasion things go right I’m in shock and disbelief. Stress is bad for you and I’ve decided not to participate in it any more now I’m getting older lol
    I’m sure everything will come together and be amazing. Hope the builder doesn’t end up under the patio 😱
    Love Julie & Bailey xx

  5. Kathy Shoulders

    Congratulations on your new home! It will come together eventually. Sorry you are having a rough time with it!

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