No stopping for the weary

A visit to Düsseldorf is never complete without going to Dog’s Deli!

Once we dropped off our luggage with Mummy’s friend, Manuela and saying hello to Luna, we were off to our favourite doggy shop.  And a funny thing happened.

As we arrived in the store, the lady who works there was just watching our Instagram stories about our travels as we walked in! That’s why she was saying, “I don’t believe this!”

We always love coming here each time for our treats and just being in a really nice doggy shop! Checking out more leads – as if we don’t have enough.Loving the pistachio green …

And we always get to try the treats!

So what have you bought me this time?Oooh, we’re trying a new dog food – just so we know we have an option when we’re visiting. It’s organic – and Mummy was sold!

With my bag of loot, we took a walk along Königsallee, or the Kö as the locals call it.  It is a boulevard in Düsseldorf, known for both the landscaped canal When Mummy lived here, she often frequented and one of her favourite shops is Leysieffer – an artisan chocolate shop that serves food and yummy desserts.  While most of German is very dog friendly, this is one of the places that doesn’t allow dogs but we happily sat at tables along the Kö and Mummy stopped for a treat –Apfelstrudel mit Vanilleeis and a cup of tea.

We headed back to the Constanze Muhle where Luna’s mummy helps out some days.
I was so tired from not sleeping well the night before that I took a nap wherever I could.Finally it was time to go home – me and Luna waiting to get in the car. Where will we sit?And I always seem to get the wrong side. I am after all a British dog and I was always told I couldn’t sit with the driver so I went in on the left. Wrong!Bit of rest at Luna’s home. Luna and I used to love playing with each other – the first time we met, we couldn’t stop kissing each other. These days, I am almost 8 and Luna will be 12 – we don’t play like we used to any more.

We walk about doing our own thing until we heard noises and I barked and she barked and that broke the ice. Once we started barking together, we were a team!

Time for Walkies along the Rhine – it never stops!But it was a lovely walk before the end of day.

After that walk, needed a drink at Wunderhaus where we stopped for supper.I think Luna likes food as much as I do! It was still light as we strolled through Kaiserswertha charming village with baroque housesAnd the sun was setting by then.It’s been a long day – and I am so ready for bedtime.

May’s comment: It may have taken us awhile to get her but the journey to a friend’s home is never long. Having lived in Dusseldorf for a couple of years, a very long time ago, this is a special place for me – and some very special friends.


  1. Jill Keiser

    That Hundefutter food looked interesting! Maybe you could tell us more about it later after Darcy and George have had a taste.

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