Journey to a Friend’s home is never long

Sometimes we travel to new places to discover a little more of the world.

Sometimes we travel just to see friends – for a catch up.

In this case, it’s my friend Luna who lives in Kolkham, near Dusseldorf. She’s one of the first doggy friends. We met when I was not yet one, on my first trip abroad. Luna was not yet four. We loved each other.  We played incessantly,

we kept licking each other’s faces. The hoomans called it kissing.

I saw Luna again one other time – very briefly for a day and I think we didn’t have time to warm up to each other. So this time, I was curious to see how we would interact, keeping in mind that Luna is now almost twelve and I am eight and a half.  Well, let’s say she gave us a wage welcome but she was super happy to see Mummy. She really wasn’t bothered that I was around.

When we got in the car, Luna sat in the well but I was not going on the floor of the car. I was sitting on Mummy’s lap! No way!

Back in her home environment, I suppose I had to be respectful. I kept my distance – until we heard a noise in the garden. I barked and she barked and we were singing in a chorus. That broke the ice.

Later in the day, we went for Walkies together along the Rhein. It was neutral territory and we both ran along and sniffed things out – telling each other what we have found.

Last night when Luna’s mummy gave me one of her rugs to lie on, well, she wasn’t having any of it.And she definitely wasn’t sharing her bed with me.This morning, was a little different. We went out into the garden together. We were very aware of each other’s presence. We followed each otherAnd she took me to corners that I have not explored yet.She went for grooming while I went with Mummy for a walk.

When we came back, Luna was already home – and we were so pleased to see each other! She was skipping like a lamb.  And then the playing began,

Like old times. Maybe it’s because we were shy or older o less frolic in us. Maybe it’s because we just needed time to warm up. But all too soon we had to leave – as we’re moving to another friend’s house. And I think she was a little sad to see me go.

Travelling with me is not so straightforward but when we do make it, it’s special. And though the road to Dusseldorf is sometime long and tedious, it is worth every km – for at the end of it, there are marvellous people to meet.

May’s comment: The journey to a friend’s home is never long.  Tedious, strenuous, takes a long while but once there, all’s forgotten and I can’t wait till the next time I’m back.

Walking with a friend(s) and having chats over meals – just hanging out makes them the nicest journeys.

While Luna and Darcy met when she was not yet one, and Luna was not yet five, Manuela and I have known each other for 30 years starting from the time we shared an office in Dusseldorf.Dusseldorf is a special place for me. I think this is where I “saw the world” – I led a very cocooned life before this. And Manuela played a significant part in it. After I moved away, we continued to see each other – with visits to Dusseldorf or her coming to London.

Other friends, Sylvia, Sven – have remained very good friends and I am the godmother to their son.

It’s a place I keep returning to whenever I can. Not a great tourist-type destination, just a place where good friends live and I am a part of their lives.

Luna will be twelve in November and she was there before Darcy. She was a perfect dog for her family but I never took notice of her until Darcy and I visited. Since then one of the reasons I keep returning to visit is because of Luna.

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