We are Arctic dogs!

Huskies – here we come!!!

We were given a Polarsirkel Sertifikat by Njord, Ruler of The Seven Seas.Remember the guy who baptised Mummy and all the other passengers after they had crossed the Arctic Circle? That’s Njord!At the bottom of the certificate it says: “May good luck and happiness follow you on this voyage and forever after.”

Oh, Mummy got one too even though she had already crossed it once before – but they didn’t know that.May’s comment: Such good sports! But Darcy & George did cross the Arctic Circle and definitely deserved one as well as everyone else.

This is the real “Njord” – one of the Expedition Team members – he has a standard poodle at home when he’s not sailing.

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  1. Jill Keiser

    What cool certificates! All three of you are deserving!

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