Day 7: Mummy had one more thing on her wishlist …

so she left us with Natasa to find that one last thing.Or rather, she abandoned us in a freezing “snowstorm” – well, it felt like one!!!!”

We rushed out of the ferry in haste as we needed to have our moments of relief – so busy focusing on where to pee and poo and when we turned around – Mummy was nowhere to be found! There we were – left out in the cold.  Uncertain of what was happening.  Thankfully, Natasa was there.  I stared at the ferry and George went splat and wouldn’t walk.

Eventually we went back inside the cabin – and still no Mummy. What was happening?!?!?!

She had crept away …onto a bus!!!!

May’s comment: I knew that with the pooches in tow, I couldn’t go on many of the excursions but over time when the Expedition Team learnt about Darcy & George, they had volunteered to take them on hikes if I wanted to go on an excursion. I signed up for the one that made sense in terms of timing of day and it was only a two-hour expedition and to finally visit one of the many ice hotels sprinkled throughout the Scandinavian countries – The Snow HotelImmediately inside – The Ice BarThis year, the theme is of Russian influence.

Steps leading into the hotel room areasThe main hallway
Rooms leading off of it.Beautiful lighting insideAnd there’s light at the end of the tunnel.As we got to the end of the hallway – voila! Back to reality!They even have lifts!!!

We went upstairs to one of the two restaurants.  There’s a mural on the picture window looking out at the viewThose were just drawn reminders but there were four real ones on the property.I had long ago given up on staying in them (the original Ice Hotel in Sweden) – just do not seem too comfortable, but after visiting The Snow Hotel in Kirkenes – I might be convinced to try it!  There are a few rooms that are “caves of snow” but – aha! they have cabins nearby with large picture windows – all facing the direction of the Northern Lights, and cosy restaurants – plus Husky Dogs Sleds and King Crab fishing … sounds like a plan. 🙂 But without pooches. There’s wildlife on the property and too many tourists who wouldn’t appreciate the presence of a dog.

While it snowed when we arrived at Kirkenes – which borders Russia just 15km away, any the time we got there, it was a clear day. Absolutely lovely scenery.

On the way back we stopped at a view-point and saw our ferry docked in the fjords.A magical ship …Back at the ferry, we set sail, this time still going north and then turned west – we are on the return leg of the journey.

On one of the stops, Vardø, maybe for the lack of something to do, passengers had the challenge of jumping into the sea!It did cross my mind but decided to pass. I didn’t bring my swimsuit was my excuse – and I had to walk my pooches. 🙂

By now we have also met other passengers who asked they could rent my pooches – kidding but we went out on our walk with one of them!The sea was a bit rough going back towards Hammerfest – and with the moving boat and waves crashing, George thinks its fireworks outside and he is painting his head off – and decided to stay in cabin to let him know it’s ok.

Till tomorrow – as I ticked off another thing I wished to see this trip.

We are on the return leg now. Only three more full days on the ferry and then it’s back on the train – and hello Wheelie! What are we going to do with you? We’ve forgotten you since we boarded but et’s hope you are less heavy than when we arrived!


  1. Cheryl

    What an awesome adventure, an ice hotel! Thank you for the photos! I need to look on Google Maps to see just where you are, 15 km to Russia-Wow!
    Continued safe travels.

  2. Margaret Danks

    Bbbrrrrrrrrrrr.looks like such a wonderful trip May.

  3. Elizabeth Burman

    It looks quite magical. A winter wonderland.

  4. Sian Widner

    I suddenly want to visit the ice hotels! What a wonderful adventure you are on!

  5. Lucca

    Amazing May, how you did it with Darcy and George is just incredible XX

  6. Frank Gee

    WOW awesome !

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