We arrived in Yeovil, so did Frank!

The winter days are short. The sun rises after 08.00 – so when we had an early start this morning, it felt as if we had come out in the middle of the night. IMG_9369The street lamps were still on, IMG_9367and because it’s between Christmas and New Year’s, the streets were very quiet.

But not the skies. Planes were flying into Heathrow every minute.IMG_9368 We got to Waterloo station in no time and after collecting our tickets at the self-service machinesIMG_9381We had to wait for quite a while before our train platform was announcedIMG_9374And so we waited.IMG_9379When we were walking to our train platform, we came across this at the station. IMG_9384Here’s Georgie being hopeful. 🙂IMG_9388And so we got on the train to Yeovil Junction – IMG_9390We settled down quicklyIMG_9394While Mummy checked the weather forecast – and it said 100% rain from the moment we arrive and for the rest of the day. Oh dear!IMG_9396So as we arrived at Yeovil Station so did storm Frank. We were happy to see David, our driver was there to meet us!IMG_9400May’s comment: No traffic at that time of the day at this time of the year. The train was easy, doggies are so used to travelling now that they know the routine. Arrived to rain – and more rain.


  1. Jill Keiser

    May, hope you are resting now with Miss Darcy and Georgie. Glad they are such excellent travelers! Our forecasts for continuous rain are the same even though you live so far away from us. We live in High Point, North Carolina! Keep enjoying your adventure! Jill

  2. Laura Cordovano

    I can’t get over what a good poser George has become. He is absolutely hopelessly devoted to you!

  3. Neyra

    Darcy and George look so cute in their polos😀 Happy New Year to all of you! Can’t wait for 2016 adventures!

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