When David met Goliath

Yesterday Crumpet came to visit – and both Darcy and I were taken aback!  IMG_9345Wow! Crumpet, you’re very big!

I am only a quarter of the size of him – at most. Maybe a fifth?IMG_9339Even Darcy looked small!

Poor Crumpet, he was feeling awkward as I couldn’t stop staring at him.IMG_9341 Hi Crumpet! I’m George, a Yorkie-poo-poo.IMG_9344 Shall we be friends despite our difference in size?IMG_9342Crumpet gave me a kiss and I pawed him.IMG_9343Once that was established, I left with him and his mummy for a playdateIMG_9356 When we got to his home, I immediately jumped on his mummy’s lap – to establish dominanceIMG_9351 Hi Crumpet! I may be small in size but I am big in attitudeIMG_9352But we can be friendsIMG_9349 I also discovered something interesting. There’s nowhere in our home where I can sit and look out the window. But at Crumpet’s home, there’s a very convenient sofa …IMG_9355 Where I can watch the world go by –IMG_9354 I am mesmerised by what’s outsideIMG_9353 But then I started to miss Mummy and whined a little. Crumpet’s mummy thought that’s my way of telling her I want to go home.

Thank you for having me over to play. IMG_9357But I was really happy to be home.IMG_9358I miss my Mummy a lot these days when I am not with her. I didn’t use to. But now I sulk and I cry after being away for awhile.

May’s comment: George’s first play date with Crumpet. Though a huge difference in size, Georgie handled himself. But of late, he has started to miss me when he didn’t before.  As for Darcy, she didn’t go to play – she doesn’t really care to be with other dogs. 🙁 She just like being Mummy’s girl.


  1. Rhona

    My Bella is a mummy’s girl too. She’s just not interested in other dogs.

  2. Jocelyn

    Lucca Is more interested being with humans rather than dogs

  3. Maggie

    mmmm yes Sealea too prefers ALL other humans …. when we are out, as with all cockerpoos, people stop to fuss her …. and they all become her new best friend. No loyalty there …. little Trollope!!!! I am sure she would go off quite happily …..!!

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