We have recognition!!!

We made the Top 10 UK Pet Blogs!!!

Woo-hoo! Our blog made Vuelio’s ranking of UK’s Top 10 Pet Blogs!!! Number 2 to be exact!!! Yay!

Vuelio’s rankings suggests we’re “a leading influencer in your blogger network” Thank you!!! We’re really honoured.

May’s comment: Let’s keep going Miss D!!!  Didn’t know anyone else was reading this except for dog crazy people!

Pet Blogs UK Top 10

When glancing through the inbox today while on the run (busy day), there was one with the subject: “Congratulations! You have made our UK Top 10 Pet Blogs” – glanced at it but didn’t register until just now when I was doing day’s end review of emails and saw that we had been ranked independently as No.2!!!  Can’t believe that someone does read our stories!!!

This is how Vuelio decide on their ranking – http://www.vuelio.com/uk/blog/how-does-vuelio-decide-its-top-10-blog-ranking/


  1. Rita Betteridge and Gracie

    Congratulations,May,Miss Darcy,. and of course gorgeous George….not at all surprised at the result other than to say “you was robbed” by not getting number one spot…and of course we all read your blog.

    Well done. 🤗🏆🏆🍾🍾💖

  2. Maree

    Congradulations May Miss Darcey and George. Love that you have been recognized for the great every day stories. Thank you.

  3. Jackie Lalwani

    So very very delighted to read about your achievement. Very well deserved May Darcy & George. It’s our pleasure to have met u guys and we are glad we recognise the value of all your work passion and commitment like others do. With very best wishes jackie & deepak lalwali (& ellie the cockapoo).

  4. Lucy Cronin

    Congratulations May, Miss Darcey & George. I love reading your posts. ❤️🐾❤️

  5. Elizabeth Burman

    Wow! Well done May, Darcy and George. It’s really lovely to think all your hard work is appreciated. I’m not surprised you made the top ten. Next year it will number one.❤️🏆🏅🎉

  6. Sam Rowntree and Lola x

    Well done Miss D – your beautiful blogs have been rightly recognised and you’ve even got George sharing his adventures too. Just as well your gorgeous Mummy is so good at writing them up for you!! 😂😂 Well done May – very much deserved. 😘

  7. Cheryl Adams


  8. Loesje

    Congratulations! 🎉
    May, Miss Darcy and George. I love reading your blogs.

  9. Cheryl and Susie

    Congratulations to all 3 of you, Cheryl and Susie x

  10. Frank Gee

    Congratulations. Keep Blogging. X

  11. Jill Keiser

    Congrats! I keep an eye out for your blog daily and it is always a fantastic read! It is no wonder you made the top 10!

  12. Cecilia Lin

    Wonderful, congrats!

  13. Nancy Koon

    Definitely deserving!!! Congrats from an avid follower!

  14. Neyra


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