It was all going swimmingly well …

It was a Me and Mummy day yesterday while George had a Jaffa playdate …

We had a lovely “Campari” breakfast at Quo Vadis.  Mummy found out that they allow dogs in the Member’s Lounge. We’re not (yet) members but they allow the public to have breakfast in there and we, the public did!
Avocado on toast again?!?!?!I think Mummy’s trying out all the avocado on toasts in town to see who serves them best.

And as this little took flight …
We left Quo Vadis in the heart of London’s Soho, walking through the streets towards the Seven Dials …I wasn’t in the mood to do the #MatildaPose – another day, but I obliged to pose with these funny chairs.It’s that Matilda up to no good again! Naughty! Naughty!

As we walked further down the same street, we came across Bow Wow but it wasn’t opened yet …Cool shop window though!We walked on and there was another Bow Wow shop … now why is that?

Uh-oh! I then knew why we were there!There was no getting out of there … the minute they were not looking, I tried to get past those glass doors!

But no luck! I was soon in the bath!

But after all that was over, when I was back on the other side of the glass doors, there was the much awaited great reward …TREATS! More, please!I know where you’ve put them!I was very happy to see Mummy and I think she was happy with how I looked.What do you think? Better lighting maybe, Mummy?

May’s comment: The last time I was at Quo Vadis was back in 1997!!!! Definitely a great dame of Dean Street, it is …”a historic Soho restaurant and members’ club with a colourful past and a timeless allure. Formerly a brothel and a home to Karl Marx, the Great Dame of Dean Street continues to draw an eclectic and epicurean crowd, attracted to the good things in life.”


I remember that evening well. 🙂

Me and my De Beers colleagues had just returned from Hong Kong after the “Handover” ceremony – it had been a week of great festivities – one of which was “The Last Night of the Proms” – where all the Brits and locals were out in force with Union Jacks and red, white and blue boas.  The last Governor of Hong Kong, Chris Patten was there – but of course.

I was with my De Beers colleagues and we were seated for dinner at Quo Vadis, and who walked through the door but Chris Patten himself.  As he walked past our table, I casually turned and said, “Mr. Patten, how are you? I was there at The Proms last week.” We chatted about the event and how lovely it was. No idea what made me do that.  I think both my friends sat in stunned silence. LOL! That was my last memory of Quo Vadis. I have never been back till this week – when I found out it is dog friendly in the members club!!! And so we’re back.

Quo Vadis serves Modern British cuisine in two airy dining rooms with stained-glass windows at 28-29 Dean St, Soho, London W1D 3LL

Dog grooming at Bow Wow – we’ve been trying out dog groomers. When we heard that they have purposefully brought in a Japanese groomer all the way from Japan, we had to try it.

Darcy is very good once on the table but not good whenever I am hanging around taking photos.  This video was her trying to get to me, she was not more traumatised than in any situation when she knows she’s about to be groomed – most dogs do not like being groomed.

When I went to pick her up, she was as happy as could be and of course begging for treats!


  1. Julia

    When I moved to London from Geneva about 1985 I dated the manager at Quo Vadis!! Lived on Kensington High Street for about a year then moved to Highgate and went out separate ways. Amazed it’s still there.

  2. Nancy Koon

    Oh Miss D you look beautiful!!!

  3. Ian Harrison

    Miss Darcy you are gorgeous!

  4. Elaine Craigen

    Darcy you look beautiful! Lottie doesn’t like being groomed either and tries to walk the other way when we approach the shop 🙁It’s all worth it afterwards! Gorgeous girl🐶💕

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