We met a little “Angel”

There’s a new puppy in the neighbourhood! Meet Angel. He’s four months old – and just couldn’t sit still for a photo – of course.IMG_1462IMG_1463IMG_1464IMG_1465Aha! Gotcha!IMG_1467That’s because she keeps looking at me.

She kept wanting to play with me but you know how I am – doesn’t want anything to do with the young ones.IMG_1466IMG_1468IMG_1470The nanny thinks she’s a cockapoo but we think she maybe a cavapoo.

May’s comment: And you, Miss Dee is a grumpy old lady!


  1. Margaret Danks

    You and Maggiedog are just the same MissD… No time for the bouncy pups! We have 2 new puppies in the family and Maggiedog keeps telling them off.

  2. Liz

    What a gorgeous little pup. Yes Cavoodle for sure.

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