Wearing Pudsey ears for our Little Hoomans in need

Mummy bought us some Pudsey ears today so we can give back a little to hoomans.

img_9579I’m proudly wearing mine. img_9573And George, will you now hear better with another set of ears?

It is usually hoomans who help us pooches – when we’re lost, when we’re not well, when we need a new home.  But tonight, we give back just a little because little hoomans need our help too.

We are just going to sit with Mummy to watch the telethon tonight and will comfort her because we know she will be sobbing her eyes out when she listens to all the sad, sad stories of Children in Need.

George, you’re ok with those ears on your head?

May’s comment:  Pudsey Bear is the mascot for BBC’s charity Children in Need.  And Darcy and George are wearing Pudsey Bear ears to give back a little to our two-legged friends.

BBC’s amazing charity Children in Need had been going since 1980 and has raised money every year through a week-long effort culminating in a live broadcast telethon on a Friday evening every November.  Tonight is the Children in Need telethon night.

Heartbreaking stories of little ones who are disabled or who have lived through tragedies because of their parent’s illnesses or death always sends me into a weepy evening.  Will have my little doggies to keep me company and to remind ourselves to be grateful for our health and all that we have.

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