Dogs DO Ballet!

Oh yes, we do!

Mummy was reading George the book “DOGS don’t do Balletimg_9546 But I know the answer …img_9549Of course we do!!!!  Let me show you …

That’s my attempt at a pirouette, but Mummy said the moves were more salsa. She’s been watching “Strictly Come Dancing” a lot lately and she thinks she can decipher the different types of dances!

This was another book that Mummy found recently, which we’re giving to Mini Tyke for Christmas. But before we put it in the post, she read it to us!

Good laugh!

May’s comment: Ah, two doggy books for the two kiddies! :).



  1. Cecilia

    Wow! Miss Darcy, you are definitely a ballerina in your previous life if there is really reincarnation!

  2. SamanthaR and Lola

    No question – Miss Darcy to win the “Glitter Ball”!

  3. Dagmar

    Hopefully Little Tyke doesn’t read your blog and knows by now his Christmas gift ?

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