Here comes the sun — doo-doo-doo-doo

50 years ago today – the Fab Four walked across this pedestrian crossing – had their photo taken and it became their Abbey Road album cover.

Since then the crossing at Abbey Road had become an iconic site where hundreds of tourists try to emulate that photo – us included

We were crossing the wrong direction.

But actually not!

Because like us, they had to walk back and forth to get that “perfect” photo.

Since December 2010, the crossing had become Grade II listed for it’s “cultural and historical importance.”

And our friend Camilla drew this of us.

Still walking in the opposite direction.

May’s comment: This was taken four years ago when Sasha was still very much Little Tyke.

It was a difficult photo to take – we were not the only ones walking across the road and there was traffic to consider.

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