We are Forces for Change

Mum always read the Vogue September issue. This year’s issue is called Forces for Change.

It’s guest editor being the Duchess of Sussex made it rather unique as there has never been a guest-editor in the history of the British Vogue’s September issue.

Mum showed me the cover that had the faces of the women who have made a laudable impact in recent times, and who are set to re-shape society in radical and positive ways in the futurefrom activists to artists, prime ministers to climate change campaigners, … faces from the front lines of fashion, film, technology, wellness and beyond to celebrate a special moment in time – and to ask the question: “What’s next?” (Edward Enninful, Editor of British Vogue)

It is the power of collective change.

As we looked at the fifteen faces on the cover, on the second row there was a reflective rectangle. As I wondered why that is, I saw reflecting back at us was my reflection.

How amazing! I thought – for I too can be a force for change.

For years, in a small way, Mum and I have campaigned for the world we live in to be a bit more dog-friendly, albeit just our neighbourhood restaurants and finding places in London where we are welcomed. Over the last five years, there has been a collective voice of people and organisations who have helped to make the world more accepting and friendly – to dogs and dog owners alike.

Because dogs do so much for hoomans than most realise – from being a loyal companion in helping those with physical and mental needs, to being at the heart of moving medical science forward and for helping to sometimes protect and fight for peace for our hoomans, dogs need a little more respect. And we have seen the results of a collective voice. From Lucy’s Law, to Finn’s Law, to educating the public about the wrongs of puppy farming to helping stop the dog meat trade – sometimes it starts in small ways, like being looked upon as rightly part of the hooman family we belong to – that we have rights after we have been domesticated by hoomans after all to live in their world. Let’s not stop there. Let’s hope to change the world that one day, all dogs will have a home, that even maybe people who don’t love or want dogs will at least respect those who do.

Why would we swim in the shallow end of the pool when we could go to the deep end? Let’s go a bit deeper.” (Duchess of Sussex)

May’s comment: Intrigued and with hesitancy, I wondered how the Duchess of Sussex would fit into the British Establishment. But she is doing it in her own way. As in social media talk, she is truly an “Influencer” in her new role.

A clever touch to the cover of the magazine.

A little reminder that we are all forces of change in our own rights.

Take note of an article feature by Brene Brown, researcher and expert on vulnerability and courage, who writes about coping with social media cruelty – so relevant in today’s obsession by the what others think of us. In this mad world of wanting to be liked, her message – “Do the world a favour: speak your truth. Follow your wild heart.” Don’t just write what you think others want to hear – not everyone will always agree with you. And not everyone is right either.

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  1. Belinda

    What a great article ! Thank you for this and for all that you and your mom do Miss D .

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