We’re back to being city dogs … can you tell?

A beautiful April Spring Sunday morning and we were off early to Kensington Gardens.

George was hanging out with the birds – literally! These two magpies were sitting next to George while they all waited for something to happen.  Surely they were not after the same things.

The magpies were, however, not so sure about me.George continued to sit and stare
We were both scouting for rodents with big fluffy tails We sat under the big trees looking upwards for any movement.But no sign of squirrels today.

This guy on a horse was also looking for squirrels.So we hung around so we can all keep watch. After awhile he too wasn’t moving so we left him to it.

We decided it was more fun to run and chase with each other.
While Mummy walked following us. It was a warm day – cannot imagine what it will be like in the Summer!This is our neck of the woods.  It may not be the country side but Mummy feels more at home here – we know the grounds and we can run quite freely – and even George can’t go too far.  It’s “safe” except for the occasional encounters with big beasts!
I better stay away from this pack.

We had a really good run and so did our very fit and active American visitors!Mummy was the only one who did not run.

Once home it was back to our routine – rinsing of paws and having a blow dry.This is how we do it. 🙂In fact, Mummy can parallel process even more if she wanted to! LOL!

May’s comment:  Nice to be back home and doing our walks again.Love showing friends the places we go to, our lives, the beautiful city where we live.


  1. Cheryl

    I love your pictures of ‘real’ London. I know all the typical tourist spots, but you show me where the Londoners go.
    Do you wash Darcy and George’s paws each time they come in from outside? Doesn’t it dry out their paw pads?
    Enjoy the week!

  2. Christin

    What a lovely Darcy day out. We had the same kind of day in Haynes, Beds and mummy give me same paw treatment. Today was too hot for the dryer though, drying all fresco it was, whilst playing with George the Peacock. / Miffy

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