“We’re back to normal”

This is what Little Tyke would say whenever he’s back to where he feels happiest – “We’re back to normal!”

While it was super fun running on the beach and rubbing in the sand – there were no squirrels to chase – just George!   But back here at the parks in London -squirrels galore!!!  Woohoo!!!!

So we’re back to our routines. Agnes taking me to the park.IMG_2630And Georgie – well he went to work with Sarah! 🙂  IMG_9053Here he is, all serious with the other boys at Christie’s.unnamed-127 Hmm. Maybe he should wear a bow tie to work the next time.unnamed-126But alas a long lens camera told us it wasn’t all work and no play. He was at Green Park having a little jaunt at lunch time!!!!IMG_0573And then Sarah told us that George who was with his “colleagues” from Christie’s at lunch time, managed to steal some ham off one of them at lightning speed. When Sarah told Mummy, she was so EMBARRASSED and told him off, ” Georgie, you are no longer a street dog! You live in Chelsea and you go to work at Christie’s! Please BEHAVE ACCORDINGLY!!!! Or we will send you packing.”

Yeah, right, Mummy the toughie! LOL!


  1. margaret danks

    i’ll have GP! Both he and Maggiedog could steal my ham anytime. You can come too Miss D

  2. Brady Bunch

    You should have joined us in Suffolk, lots of squirrels to chase here.
    Brady, Chloe and Kenzie

  3. Dawn Walsh

    I LOVE Green Park Georgie poo, my favourite place in London, soo glad you had fun. We love your adventures with Miss D. My Miss Ruby Poo has found so many lovely dog friendly places for us to enjoy too xx

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