Come Together!

A few days before Little Tyke flew back to Thailand, our friend Dasha and wonderful photographer came to take photos of us – The Band of Four.  

We thought the Abbey Road Crossing would make a nice setting for our Summer of 2015 photo shoot.  At least one of us have an original Beatle name – George!  And sometimes I have a mop head like the famous four!

May’s comment: Since Sasha’s last visit we have grown from a trio to a band of four …_C9A6401Over the last two years, some of our most memorable photos have been taken by Dasha Hugg of Hugg Vision – she, herself a cockapoo owner!


  1. Cecilia

    I bet Tyke would miss Darcy and George a great deal, does he get to visit only once a year? He is a cute little boy!

    • Miss Darcy

      The wonderful thing about children and dogs are that they know how to live in the moment. Little Tyke aka Sasha told me he thinks about me everyday – but he get on with life. He has school he loves, friends to play with, life lessons to learn. I am fortunate to be able to see him at least twice a year. I go out to visit and they come to London for the summer. As he gets older he may come back more during half term – at least that’s what I hope. 🙂

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