We’re coordinated

Jaffa, George and I – some days we are Team Red
IMG_6536This is the reason why – so when Georgie runs far in the park, we can spot him in his fuchsia pink Equafleece!IMG_6537Some days we are Team Blue, well, sort of. IMG_7055My Equafleece is purple. IMG_7056Georgie and I have to shake ourselves into the suits. LOL!

We don’t like being in it but both Mummy and Jaffa’s mummy think they are life savers. IMG_7061Wonder why they think that?IMG_7103And soon, we will be Blazing Orange!!!IMG_7175When we’re not out running around and getting mucky, we don on our matching quilted jackets … IMG_7016For smarter outings, as in not at the park.

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