Doggy Christmas at Gaucho

Yesterday was the Gaucho Doggy Christmas Sunday and we were there in force!IMG_7375Stanley, George, Jaffa and  me! Come on, let’s go!IMG_7379

We have arrived – we know this place well.IMG_7490Awaits us were personalised doggy bowls – for Charlie, George,IMG_7384Mine, Lucca’s, Stanley’s …IMG_7383This is Bailey who is feeling a bit mucky after his walk in Hampstead Heath.IMG_7385P.S. We did that once and we got rather mucky too so not a good idea to walk.

And we met Crumble again – haven’t seen him IMG_7485 Nor Puddles for a long timeIMG_7484We had a long table with our cockapoo friends IMG_7470and their mummies and daddies who were loving it all.
IMG_7400Here’s Stanley having a cuddle.

At the next table was Mack and Maisie – they were served lunch before ours so of course we went beggingIMG_7408 No luck with Paul, so we went to LisaIMG_7414 Nothing. IMG_7418 I kept waiting. Jaffa gave up and Georgie came to help.IMG_7420I went to Jocelyn and see if I could use my charmIMG_7440Instead I got a hug IMG_7423While Lucca sat patiently with his daddyIMG_7428 Well, he was rewarded when Santa came along and gave him treatIMG_7429I soon realised I wasn’t having any luck here so I went in search at other tablesIMG_7476 Come on, Jaffa, follow me!IMG_7477But Jaffa deserted me and I was left on my own – in search of kind, giving humans who would take pity on poor hungry mesafe_imageThis is more like itIMG_6873Humans who delights in my anticsIMG_7493After all that I went back to Mummy to say I’m back! FullSizeRender (5)I’ve had enough.  Lucca had a different strategyIMG_6864He hung around the table to get bits and piecesFullSizeRender (3)And licked his lips after helping himself to butter dishes!IMG_6854 Little Jaffa was getting lots of hugs tooIMG_7500Everyone thinks she looks like a mini Lucca

While Miuccia was checking out what the others were doingIMG_7487And Dante was obsessed with a tennis ball and came back to his daddy to let him know he’s still aroundIMG_7409Mack and Maisie watching from the next table with amusement what was going on
IMG_7467As for George … IMG_7486well, he showed his old self againIMG_7504He came to the table just as food was being served – and before anyone could blink, he grabbed an entire piece of steak off a plate and hid under the table to chomp it up in three seconds!IMG_7503Oh George, the humans laughed and thought it was hilarious, but Mummy was appalled …

It has to be said that we think the humans had a good time. They sure took a lot of photos of us. Here they are – taking photos of us all afternoon! LOL!!!IMG_7443Me and Lucca – posing for our photo.IMG_7447May’s comment:  Gaucho Hampstead’s Doggy Sundays are often well attended but this was the Christmas Sunday. It was a surreal experience for many first-timers – to see about 40 dogs in one restaurant – wandering freely while the humans sat at tables to eat.  What made it special is to see how many smiles it brought on. We all had a lovely afternoon and we all smiled because of our dogs.

This was a rare occasion when Darcy came back to me – she preferred to make the rounds at every table.IMG_7438

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  1. margaret danks

    Such beautiful photos May. I did laugh st Georgeous pinching the steak!

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