We’re going to the seaside

As an ongoing birthday celebration … Barnaby and I (and George) are off to Camber Sands for a run on the beach.

We were a little concerned during the week that the snow fall would affect our travel but thankfully the snow melted the day before and by this morning, we were on our way to St. Pancras International.

We were ready to board the train …But we had to pose for our photos first! LOL!Sunday morning is usually a good time to travel – it gets a lot busier in the afternoon.Barnaby asked where we were going …George says – bleah!Are we there yet? – asked Barnaby.We got off at Ashford International to make a train connection for Rye. And before you know it – we have arrived! And there was Dante who greeted us as we got off the train!!!Though raining, we walked through pretty RyeDante wanted to show us ALL the pet stores in Rye – But they were ALL closed. Bummer!

As we approached St. Mary’s Parish – we saw this welcoming signAnd as photographs were allowed …It was a photo opportunity.

Not till after a lot of “coaching” for Dante to “SIT!” – LOL!I went to light a candle for my brother Milo –And one for Izzy – please help her find her way home.

Next stop – Sunday lunch at The George
And George was very proud to have a restaurant named after him! Whatever, George!The George was recommended by Frank and James – as one of the best places to eat in RyePlus the fact that it is very dog-friendlyThere was another cockapoo – Charlie at the next tableGeorge was eyeing Charlie and making contact with his mummyI think we almost “lost” George and gained Charlie instead! LOL! No luck there!

We were hoping it would stop raining after lunch but it didn’t – and as we were already wet, what’s a bit more rain. But before we went to Rye Harbour, we stopped at KnoopsA hot chocolate place – nothing but Hot Chocolate!!!We sat waiting for out order – 43% Milk Chocolate please.Barnaby and I had our first cosy hot chocolate together – 🙂After we’ve warmed up, we were ready for our walk in the Rye Harbour … the rainbow collection of Equafleeces on a grey rainy day.Along we troddedLooking a bit miserable, to be honestWet it was!Finally it was time to return to the car …Four wet hoomans and four wet dogs in a car.

And tomorrow we shall meet other doodles in Camber Sands for a run with other doodle friends! Maybe see you there?


May’s comment:  Come join us tomorrow if you can. Lots of doodles on the beach sounds like a great idea!

Dashing doodles at Camber Sands?


  1. Raquel

    Ahhh How nice!! Beans and I were meant to go Friday for the weekend but driving was impossible and we had to reschedule it. Hope the sun comes out tomorrow!!!

  2. Margaret Danks

    Maggiedog hates the rain, unless she’s on the beach ( 10 minutes from our house ) then she runs and runs like a puppy. Enjoy your run on the beach beautiful pups. ?❤️

  3. Julie Mcevilly

    Lovely to see you all having fun regardless of the weather. I also hope your candle brings home Izzy I often wonder where she is and what she is doing xx

  4. Elaine Craigen

    What a fun day you’ve had Darcy and it sounds like tomorrow will be even better!??xx

  5. Lisa King

    What great photos! George is so cute! He makes me smile.

  6. Rusty and Martine

    Enjoy the beach Riusty loved it. Hope the weather improves for you ??

  7. Stephanie

    Oh wow loved reading the adventures looking forward to the next one .

  8. Cheryl Adams

    What an adventure! You do know how to have a good time! I hope the weather clears and you can run and run on the beach!

  9. Ginny

    I am so envious of your adventures. Mummy and me would love to ride together on the buses and trains. But in New Zealand it is a no no! Lots of love Ziggy the Yorkie Poo.

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