One Night Only

This is Barnaby’s and my first trip together. We’re staying the night at The Gallivant
Though in separate rooms – with our hooman chaperones and my little brother George. 🙂There was plenty of room for the two of us.We ate breakfast and dinner with our hoomans at the restaurant – not sure if this was an exception because in the Etiquette for Dogs guide, it mentioned Breakfast only.We even had a drink in the bar last night.When we finally got around to reading the Etiquette guide this morning, I think we must have broken all the rules. Oops!

May’s comment: Another dog-friendly hotel! Yay! Been meaning to come to this as it has been voted as the best dog friendly hotel by Pets Pyjamas and others. The Gallivant is across the road from Camber Sands beach on New Lydd Rd, Camber, Rye TN31 7RB

And we got to see a bit of Rye in the rain. Maybe today we’ll see more of it.

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