Barnaby, I think we’re making inroads!

Barnaby, do you think London is becoming even more dog-friendly? 

We have not quite exhausted our neighbourhoods yet but we have been discovering more dog-friendly places in other parts of London.

As we move out of our “comfort zones” into busy Regent Street … we found a new dog-friendly “pub” restaurant. We used to just go to the Cafe at Liberty’s but yesterday we went The Wigmore pub which is part of the Langham Hotel.

The lunch crowd was in full force and yet, there we were – right in the midst of them – for lunch!Well, not really. But Mummy enjoyed her chicken and leek pie – Excellent! she said!I got some of the mash …Yup! Not bad mash!

And they served the biggest brownie – the size of my head!

The waiters were delighted to see us – a little diversion from the hoomans!Lola’s mummy, Sam was also there but not Lola. Barnaby took quite a shine to Sam. <3

All good things must come to an end. Till our next adventure, Mr. Barnaby!May’s comment:  There was a lovely article in the The Sunday Times Style magazine entitled “Pets Welcome: How dog friendly are London’d Restaurants and Hotels?

That’s where we learnt about The Wigmore. (15 Langham Place, Regent Street, London W1B 3DE – part of the Langham Hotel but the entrance is on Regent Street). They say it’s a pub but its a very nice pub – lovely interiors.

The article in The Sunday Times wasn’t about listing dog-friendly restaurants (there were only just a few they mentioned out of the hundreds), but it was more about the attitude of dog owners – in London.

There are definitely a lot more restaurants that are dog-friendly and not just pubs and gastro pubs.  Just remember, like children, well behaved dogs are welcomed!

Our next stop is Locanda Locatelli. I went there many years ago with a human friend (that was only because I didn’t have dogs then) and remembered it was very good. And every time I’ve driven past it, I’ve always wondered but thought, surely not.  It’s such a “proper restaurant”. So I was nicely surprised to find out it is! And on top of all that – the owners, Plaxy and Giorgio have cockapoo called Olive. Ahem! That’s right. When I called to make a reservation and told them we’ll be bringing our dogs, the person asked – is it a small dog or big dog? My response, it’s a cockapoo – just like Giorgio! Oops!

The only other one we haven’t been to – Bubbledog. We’ll get there some day. Till then, Clapham is calling – seems like there are lots of places to go – and to meet our friend Paulo, the Husky!

We’ve added The Wigmore to our Wine and Dine list!


  1. Alison

    Great to see this happening

  2. Justin

    Love it fantastic but I have newfys x3

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