All’s well …

I knew all day that something was happening.  Mum’s bags were packed.  George had left the day before – confusingly with my bag. I gathered he was going to the House of Mutt but without me. So I was set guessing if I was going with Mummy – or not.

Mummy had packed my coats and importantly my Teddy in a little bag.Then the doorbell rang – now who can this be?  This could be the person coming to take me away.  But then I saw YAENA!!!! I am soooooo happy to see you!Mum? Are we going with Yaena?  Me? Just me? Really? Oh wow!  This is super!  Let’s go! See ya later, Mum!
I’ve been to Yaena’s house many times before but I have never stayed over.  She had made me my own little space on a chair by the window so I could look outside. I don’t get to look out any of our windows at home because there are always things in the way.

After meeting everyone in the family, Marley and I went for walks in the Common – and we chased squirrels together. Yaena told Mum that I have brilliant recall despite the squirrels! LOL!  I am pretty good but if there are enticing objects around, I can have selective hearing but because I am in unfamiliar territory, I heed commands better.

Marley and I had supper together – we both eat Honey’s Raw so that makes it easier. Often when pooch friends come to stay they are always eyeing our food and refuse to eat theirs!

I snuggled up on the sofa with the family to watch a movie before settling down for the night. I could choose to sleep with either of the girls – Darcey or Thea, and Yaena also made me a bed in the dressing room where Marley sleeps. I slept with Darcey most of the night and decided to go downstairs to find Marley – I’ll be spending the weekend with the family before Yaena, Marley and I travel down to St. Tropez together.

Good night, Mum!  I am very settled here.

Have a good trip – big kiss for Little Tyke and Mini Tyke, and do give Lucky and Polo lots and lots of hugs.

Over to you, George!

Woo Hoo!!!! Now I know where I am!!! I was a little nervous I must admit when you left me in the crate at the back of the car with a strange man. It brought back a lot of memories.  It was a longish journey and once we arrived at House of Mutt – I started joyous spinnys!!!! YES!!!

There are lots of other dogs – big and small – and it’s parteeee time!  And no Darcy to tell me off when I am having too much fun with the others.

But whenever we’re indoors, I try to find Sarah to sit on her lap to have an overview of the other dogs or I stick with Sarah by the desk. I guess when Darcy is with me I would stay close to her.

So we’re just getting on with our separate vacation …

Oh! Who’s that with you the BA Lounge?!?!?! IMPOSTOR is going with you?!?!?!

May’s comment:  The days and particularly the hours leading to departure time always makes me regret that I am leaving them.  Except for the House of Mutt when Darcy is beside herself with excitement each time, I always worry about them.  So I was nicely surprised at how excited she was to see Yaena.  She knows Yaena and obviously have very positive memories of the times spent together.

George has never been to House of Mutt on his own.  He has been twice before and because of his unpredictable ways, he doesn’t get the full benefit of being out in the countryside – with large acreage of woodlands, there is no way they would let him off lead. So I’ve never bothered to send him whenever Darcy went and has so many takers.

Given the sudden change of plans and I had to send him instead and then worried about his lone journey in a car, inside a crate – just too familiar a situation.  But he is a survivor and once he got there, he was his happy self – or jolly, as they described him. Unlike the other dogs who took up their places on dog beds, he chose to snuggle up to a human. He finds the best of the situation that suits him. He is a survivor.

As dog mums, you can’t help but worry about them. I try not to emulate situations for George that brings back not so good memories. But maybe this was all a blessing in disguise. I hope that with this experience he may learn that not all lone car journeys are bad.  In fact – this was a happy outcome! Hopefully, he will soon realise that not all car journeys mean uncertainties.  And the reason there are less pictures of George as it id difficult to take photos of him while walking on lead. Or he is sitting on Sarah’s lap or by her feet!

Yes, I was worried about Darcy staying with Yaena as she has never done so before – and for a considerably long amount of time. But I know Yaena – who LOVES dogs and have often yearned to have Darcy stay.  She has Marley and have toyed with the idea of a number two. So I guess like me, there’s always room for a temporary other.  And Darcy adapted easily.  There are places where she would sit by the door the entire time. Someone said just the other day – probably because since she was a puppy, I had left her with various people.  I travelled often to places where I couldn’t take her and in the early days I didn’t;t know where to look for places to accommodate her.  Looking back now there were a couple of situation which wasn’t so conducive – four nasty dogs ganging up on her – poor thing. But I didn’t know any better then – not until I found House of Mutt – that’s when she found her paradise!  She also had four dog walkers and socialised with a lot of other dogs. She also knows that at the end of each of them, she comes home to me.  It is good to take time out from each other now and then.

So now that I have rationalised myself out of feeling guilty, LOL! I shall enjoy my time with Sasha, Skye, Lucky and Polo! And Impostor It felt funny not bringing it with me -so it went into my bag just as I was closing the front door! LOL!



  1. Laura Cordovano

    So happy to hear that it all went well. I was so worried for George for exactly the reasons you cited. His life has truly changed. I bet he will even get to a point where he can go off leash. I wonder if he painted the ehoke way there lol. I want Darcy’s life. Love to you May. Looking forward to seeing pics of the new doggies.

    • Miss Darcy

      We’ve found that putting him in a crate at the back is better for him so maybe he managed to sit down …

  2. Laura Cordovano

    I meant Panted the whole way there

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