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While I’m vacationing in St. Tropez and George partying with other pooches at the House of Mutt, we learnt about the plight of little Ghost.

Ghost is an Indian stray puppy who was found on a road in agonizing pain by some kind passerby. She was barely 2 months old and had been run over by a motorbike, which left her with multiple fractures and ripped the skin off her foot.  Luckily for her, Ghost was taken to Peepal Farm, an animal rescue organization based in Dhanotu village, near Dharamsala, in the Himalayan foothills, not far from where she was found. Although she arrived late at night, the veterinary team at the farm performed emergency treatment on her, stabilizing her and suturing her wound. Without this timely treatment, she would have died on the streets.

Ghost has spent over 3 months recovering at the farm, And here are some pictures of Ghost from her early days recovering. She has now fully recovered.Sadly, this is the fate that many stray animals in India suffer and organizations like Peepal Farm really do incredible work to help these injured stray animals (not just dogs, but cats, goats and cows too!) You can find out more about Peepal Farm by visiting their website: or their Facebook page:

Ghost has since grown into a super sweet pup, who gets along well with other dogs, cats and children. She is incredibly friendly and loving. And the good news is that Ghost has found a wonderful family in the UK who would like to adopt her.
Meet her new family: Jyothika is originally from Mumbai, India but has been living in the UK for the past 7 years. She and her husband Iker are both researchers who work at the University of Nottingham.However, bringing a dog into the UK costs a lot of money. This is mainly because UK laws require that animals are brought into the UK as cargo only, which increases the costs significantly compared to flying with your pet, either in the cabin or as excess baggage. They have started a fundraiser to help raise the money required by Peepal Farm to send Ghost home to the UK.

Jyothika found our blog and wrote to us for some help. We immediately agreed to tell Ghost’s story and their effort in raising money to get their fur-baby home.

This is a video of Ghost – from the day she was rescued to his now waiting to come home to the UK.

May’s comment:  It is not everyday we get a request to help bring a dog home from India.  But when Jyothika reached out to us and told us about Ghost, we felt we needed to do something to help.

While she was in India, Jyothika has worked with local animal rescue charities and has witnessed first-hand how difficult it is for stray animals there, and how hard rescuers work to save lives. Money and space are always tight, and it difficult to find foster homes and adopters for stray animals, especially females. Jyothika’s family in India have adopted a rescued puppy, Simba and have helped foster other rescued animals (dogs, cats and rabbits in the past). Now that she and Iker have their own home in Nottingham, they want to do their part to help. Adopting Ghost will free up the space for another injured animal who can be housed and treated at Peepal Farm.

Joythika and Iker are trying to raise £2,250 to fly Ghost to the U.K.  Any money donated will be used by the farm and the veterinary team at New Delhi for:

  • Vaccinations and de-worming
  • Blood tests to confirm protection from Rabies
  • Microchipping
  • Paperwork and veterinary certificate
  • Transportation and airline costs
  • Animal reception centre (ARC) and airport handling fees

We hope you will help make this family complete. You know every bit counts. If every one of our friends/readers  donated £1 – we would easily surpass the amount of £2,250 they need to get Ghost to the U.K.

PLEASE click on the link below and donate whatever you want to give towards this cause –

We often get requests to review products or feature articles pertaining to causes.  We don’t always oblige or this would look like a product advertising site. Besides our own adventures, we write things that we believe in, that touched us and are meaningful.

We thank you in advance for your contribution – and we look forward to welcoming Ghost to his forever home in the U.K.ADOPT  A FRIEND.

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